Agile X 1

Hyperbody Research Group, TU Delft, September 2015

Tutors: Prof Kas Oosterhuis (NL), Dr Nimish Biloria (NL), Dr Qiang Sheng (CN), Dr Tim McGinley (AU), Dr Sinan Yuan (CN), Dr David Kroll (AU), Jia Rey Chang (NL), Matt Murphy (UK)

Agile X 1 Workshop Brief

Modernism dictates that each design should be tailored to the materials that we intend to use. This creates an intimate link between the materials we choose and the architecture we produce. Therefore if material availability changes, it is difficult to change the materials of a building. Digital meta design systems could support a more ‘agile’ approach to material specification and procurement in architecture. However current systems tend to embed the material into the design system.

The disruptive nature of current devel opments in materials scien ce provide uncertainty to the material systems of architecture . At the same time an increasing focus on resource scarcity suggests tha t we should embrace the uncertainty of the materials we choose. But what does this mean for digital architecture? Is there an opportunity emerging here that we have yet to embrace? This workshop deliberately sets out to explore what it means to design without a specific material in a series of pavillions for Delft, Adelaide, Beijing and Tianjin.

Agile Fab NL 2015 (Morphotype)