Agile X 2

Pavilion Design and Prototyping Workshop, UniSA Jan 2016

Tutors: Dr Tim McGinley (AU), Matt Murphy (UK), Brett Abroe (AU), David Kroll (AU), Alex Hall (AU)

Researchers: Tessa Sare (AU), Adam Jack (AU)

Agile X 2 Workshop Brief

This 2 week intensive workshop will see students develop a pavilion design in groups across immaterial, material and fabrication streams. Digital meta-design platforms will facilitate design processes and the production of simulations, data sets, models and prototypes that will inform the final design. Each stream will develop and test a variety of design options that respond to local issues, then manage how they are integrated into the overall design. The workshop will culminate in the complete design of an Agile X Pavilion which will house a series of high profile events for the Australian Institute of Architect’s National Conference in April 2016.

The workshop will allow students to develop their skills in advanced computational design, material systems design, fabrication and prototyping, design-based research and agile design strategy. The program will feature lectures and guidance from guest practitioners; including collaborative design exercises. The intensive design setting will call for a critical and analytical approach which actively addresses complex contemporary architectural issues, such as adaptability, sustainability and resource-efficiency, as focused sessions in the workshop

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