Agile X 3

Fabrication Workshop for the Agile X UniSA Pavilion at ODASA

Tutors: Dr Tim McGinley (AU), Brett Abroe (AU), Linus Tan (AU), Matt Murphy (UK), Todd Hislop (AU), Jordan Bails (AU), Jake Jenkins (AU)

Agile X 3 Workshop Brief

Now its up to you to finish the build in time for the opening on the 26 th April .... To achieve this we will invert the normal digital design and fabrication process by starting with the construction of structure . You will then use this hands on construction in the workshop experience to inform the design of the panels for the pavilion. In addition each group will be tasked group specific additiona l tasks each week. You will split into 8 groups of 4 people, roughly 2 engineers and 2 architects per group.

The project ran to budget and on time and was a lot of fun ... we really look forward to the next one.

Agile X Pavilion (How now is soon)
Agile X Design Discussion (How now is soon)