Agile X



1 Ghost

Decouple the design, material and fabrication systems to enable the exploration of different materials.

2 Prototype

Develop an immaterial pavilion for Adelaide's Office for Design and Architecture South Australia (ODASA).

3 Materialise

Photo Copyright Sam Noonan

Materialise, Fabricate and install the Agile X UniSA Pavilion. AIA SA Small Architecture Award Commendation.

4 Morphogenetic

6 parallel workshops to design the carving interface for morphogenetic prototyping.

5 Faster

Pavilion design for Croser wines in collaboration with ARUP.

6 Campus

Workshop with artists and designers to design a phsyical and virtaul model of UniSA City West Campus

7 Interface

Currently in planning. The idea is to define a generic descriptions for building elements systems and their interfaces.

8 Carve

Currently in planning. The idea is to continue to develop the carving prototype from the 4th Workshop in Tokyo.

9 City

Currently in planning. The idea is to (re)design a city in workshop with many participants working in parallel.

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